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Mr Lars H. Evensen
Director Business Development

Norner AS


Norner AS is an Industrial Polymer Service provider with 35-year experience from the industry.

The O&G industry is experiencing unpredictable topline as a consequence of soaring prices at
the same time as new reserves in some parts of the world are more challenging to utilize. This
drives the change to new material solutions enabling exploration under more challenging
conditions at a lower total cost.

Polymers and composites deliver Material Advantages over metal and concrete in more
traditional solutions through;

• Lower weight
• Design freedom
• No corrosion / corrosion protection
• Insulation (thermal and electrical)
• Increased lifetime
• Reduced total cost of ownership

Building on vast experience from development of value added products within the polyolefin
value chain, Norner is exploring the opportunities for polymers and composites in the O&G
industry together with key players in the market. Enabled by Norner’s full service portfolio from
R&D, Advanced Facilities, Industrial Network and Strategic Advisory, solutions for the future
are already on the market and new are on the way.

This presentation will give examples where the use of polymers and composites have solved
problems or made new technology possible and also elaborate on new areas where further
development is required. We aim to trigger more cooperation between suppliers of polymers
and composites and companies in the oil & gas industry. By joining forces in business to
business projects or project under governmental grants even more advanced solutions can be
established to the benefit of all players.


Norner AS, Date: 08.07.2016 1(1)
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